Let’s talk about Wonder Woman.

It needn’t be said, I have seen Wonder Woman. It needn’t be said, I loved it. My four crumpled cinema tickets can attest to that. Isreali actress Gal Gadot stars in the first feature rendition of the DC’s iconic character.

Leaving the screen, there were few women with dry eyes. There’s a very particular reason for this. It’s not because they thought it was sad, nor because, as a gentleman candidly stated to his girlfriend, they were being ‘overemotional’. No. In fact, it was something vastly different, something that dawned on the minds of every woman simultaneously before the end credits rolled.

To those who don’t understand, we cried because, in our eyes, Wonder Woman could legitimately be the movie to launch a revolution. A revolution against female stereotypes. A revolution against the double standards. A revolution against the misogynistic perspective of Hollywood.

Let me throw some statistics your way:

  • In 2016, women represented 52% of moviegoers, yet in that same year, 29% of the top 100 grossing movies featured female protagonists.
  • In the top grossing films of 2016; women represented 14% of editors, 11% of writers and a meager 4% of directors.
  • Only four women have ever been nominated for and Academy Award for Directing. Only one woman has ever won.

Now, I am not saying I want Patty Jenkins to be nominated for an Oscar (though I would find that delightful), what is important is the spotlight the film has shone on women in the industry. From the powerful and intriguing characters on camera to the talented individuals behind it.

I want to be a superhero like Patty Jenkins whose film garnered over $100 million in its opening weekend making it the most successful film ever directed by a woman. The magnitude of this milestone is astonishing and it’s something that will hopefully, pave the way for new female directors.

The film is exhilarating and poignant. It says ‘women are powerful and brilliant and hey, they can make great movies’.

I truly hope this was a mere taste of the creative genius of Patty Jenkins (a Wonder Woman in her own right).


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