The whole country is watching as police close in on the blondini mini.

– Reporter

Title: Pork Pie (aka. #BlondiniGang)

Release: February 2017

A consistently amusing remake of the original kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie, sees the talents of Dean O’Gorman, James Rollerston and Ashleigh Cummings gliding onto the big screen and into our hearts. Three distinct and colourful personalities caught in the centre of an accidental police chase can surely only lead to chaos. Have no fear, for that it does.

The film follows Jon (O’Gorman), a neurotic almost-author seeking to get back a girl he wronged. Seeking a ride to Invercargill, he meets Luke (Rollerston) an adept boy-racer who picks him up in a stolen yellow mini, just as in Geoff Murphy’s 1981 hit. Later they encounter Keira (Cummings) a passionate animal rights activist who quits her job at a drive-through burger joint to join the two.

In a film with few characters, chemistry is of the utmost importance. With an straight-forward love interest blossoming between Luke and Keira and a wonderful friendship (or, let’s be honest, bromance) between Luke and Jon flourishing towards the end, Pork Pie seizes beautiful moments and encases them in humour and sadness to create a thoroughly entertaining film.

I’m taking this bloody car to Invercargill.

– Jon

The action sequences are the pinnacle of excitement throughout the film. The stakes are high and the adventures ceases when, and only when the credits roll. With an unrelenting and addictive momentum, Pork Pie is a truly entertaining motion picture. This is a winner for New Zealand film.

Verdict: While updated for the audience of 2017, Pork Pie does not fail to capture the spark that made the original such a success. A must-see for all of New Zealand and beyond.


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