Title: My Scientology Movie (aka. Feature Length Proof that Tom Cruise is Crazy)

Release: October, 2016

We’ve all heard stories about the wacky notions implemented within the church of Scientology, but few of us really know the extent of how severe the stories of certain ex-members actually sound. Louis Theroux is back in spectacular fashion as he attempts to make sense of the practices taking place within L. Ron Hubbard’s secret organisation.

Instead of interviewing prominent members within the church (since he was repeatedly and impolitely refused), Theroux instead works with Mark Rathbun, a former senior church official (or embittered ex-member with a vendetta against the church) to cast actors in the roles of David Miscavige and the church’s most famous member, Tom Cruise.

Andrew Perez shines as the allegedly vicious and unforgiving dictator of the church, David Miscavige. He brings an intensity that is quite frankly, chilling. Under the guidance of Mark Rathbun, Perez recreates a truly terrifying image of the church’s leader.

Many times throughout the documentary, the film crew is followed by other, unidentified film crews. Whether they were all sent by the church remains somewhat of a mystery but Theroux’s reactions to what appear to be, military style workings within the society, are amusing and unsettling.

It is a public road.

– Louis Theroux

Despite not being granted interviews with any relevant members within the church of Scientology, Theroux still succeeds in creating a powerful documentary which explores the extremes that the church will go through to ‘defend itself’.

Verdict: You will be overwhelmed by the odd union of hysterical laughter and utter disbelief at an organisation so morally ambiguous, it begins to concern you.


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