You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the City of Los Angeles is home to some of the friendliest people on Earth. As a cynical, weather obsessed Brit with a nervous but polite disposition, you can imagine the culture shock when I arrived was somewhat substantial.

The destination? Venice Beach, California. The objective? Fun.

La La Land (as it’s less commonly known) is colourful. The word ‘colourful’ encompasses everything the city has to offer. From the vibrant street artists to the luxurious coastline. From the star emblazoned path on Hollywood Boulevard to the rocky heights of Runyon. The enjoyment never seems to cease, as long as you know where to look.

The Calypso Tumblers. Catch them on the Boardwalk. Possibly the greatest, most diverse group of dancers my eyes have ever seen. Did you see that series of America’s got Talent? Neither did I but they were on it, so they must be pretty damn good. Dancing not your thing? No matter. There is such a variety of street artists lining the Boardwalk that there is literally something for everyone. The Dubstep Beat Boxer will give you flashbacks to that EDM concert you went to last month. Look around and you might find the skateboarding dog, which for me, seemed to tick all the right boxes.

The skate park is another highlight. Despite not being heavily fond of skateboards or in fact skating of any kind, I found watching the daring endeavours of the local talent almost therapeutic. Not to mention the slight satisfaction that came with watching the showoffs slip up; crashing and some might say burning. Of course, only slight satisfaction.

Los Angeles was full of surprises. Whether it was an impromptu swim with a seal on Venice Beach, or bumping in to Lori Petty at 7am after getting shockingly lost, my three days in LA were as magical as I had hoped. Ever since the day I first watched Jennifer Garner in Alias. There’s a little insight into my mind.

Peace out!



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