This is Emily Blunt’s best work!


Sicario is a haunting tale of morality that will leave you questioning your principles and virtues.

Sicario follows Kate Macy (Emily Blunt), an idealistic FBI agent who is enlisted by a Government task force to assist on a mission. A mission to eradicate the drug cartel responsible for killing three members of her team. Kate soon begins to learn that the people she is working with are less than honest. Secrets are being kept and less than legal proceedings are taking place in order to achieve their goal. Kate’s morality is put to the test in the most dramatic and agonising fashion.

Though she shines in her many acting endeavours; the cheerful wife of the Baker in Into the Woods and the enigmatic Rose in 2010’s Wild Target, Emily Blunt’s dynamic portrayal carries the film through its moral ambiguity and poignant action sequences.

Roger Deakins’ cinematography is yet another element that makes this movie great.  With plenty of alluring visuals, the film’s beautifully shot sequences assist in telling the blisteringly intense story of Sicario. It’s a sensation. So much so, you could ignore the film’s daring subtext and enjoy the tale purely on its powerful performances and relentless intensity.

Sicario is a compelling watch. It dismisses the age old tradition of heroes and villains and instead, loads its complex story with victims of circumstance. Sicario’s objective to haunt you with your own sense morality will no doubt be, resoundingly accomplished.


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