Just hours after the result of the EU Referendum, Brexit campaigner and all around jackass, Nigel Farage, has disowned a pledge made regarding the sum of £350 million being provided to support our NHS.

I rarely embrace British politics with any sort of gratification. By my observation, British politics boils down to two or more rich, powerful entities demeaning one another for the service of themselves inside a very tall building. Truth be told, until this point, I’ve never really cared. But the referendum has sent the whole country into a full frontal whirlwind of broken promises and raging uncertainty.

Twitter hath erupted. Angry ‘Remainers’ condemned the future of Great Britain and Brexit supporters dubbed the opposition as #TheIndecentMinority. Social media, as usual, has played a huge part in allowing the public to voice their opinions in heavy-handed ways. Many petitions have already been launched calling for a second referendum as well as another list of signatures calling for London, the majority of which voted remain, to become independent itself from the UK. This is the kind of extreme measures that the referendum result has induced.

All that remains is an array of unanswered questions. What will happen next? Will we regain financial stability? If the 16-18 age group wasn’t restricted about their future, would the outcome have been different? And will the government convene enough evidence to prove that we can and will, remain ‘Great’ Britain?

Read my article at… www.mytrendingstories/article/theindecentminority




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